• We were walking down the hallway
    My best friend and I
    I got a quick glimpse of you
    From the corner of my eye.
    People had talked about you
    I wanted to know more
    So I looked back at you
    You were looking at me, too.

    I had heard about you before.
    Wasn't sure if I wanted more
    You hang out with the guys
    and I've never ever seen your smile.
    But I know I will see it
    Your secret smile.

    One day in art
    I was looking at the floor
    and you said you wanted to talk to me.
    I looked up at you
    and I saw a little grin
    and I said "What a wonderful smile."
    He looked at me
    Deep in my eyes
    And apologized for never letting me
    See it before (and)

    I've seen it now.
    Your secret smile.
    I guess it's not
    a secret anymore.
    I loved the way
    you said hey....
    but I heard you say it before.
    I saw your not so secret smile...
    Your not so secret smile.

    So you took my hand.
    Looked me and the eye.
    Leaned over a little more.
    And finally....
    Our lips touched.

    I've seen it all now.
    Your secret smile and everything
    In between.
    My friends thought we were the perfect couple.
    and you said......Yaa.

    I love your not so secret smile
    and so much in between.