• My name is Lucy
    Im am 5
    I wish this would stop,
    And let me got to the happy place in the sky

    Im scared what will happen when daddy opens the door
    Its 10 o'clock in the morning and he'll be home at four
    I only hav five hours to finish crying and weeping
    But I need lots more time than that
    2 hrs pass as i weep in silience
    I hear the door open with my wounded ears
    I ran to my room
    When i got there i shoved everything i could with my injuries
    In front of the door but i could only move a little
    So i ran to my wardrobe i screamed a silent scream
    I heared a lady call my name it didnt sound at all like mommy
    I peeked out of the wardrobe no one was there
    So i crept out the door it was too late the lady had allready gone
    S looked at the clock its 3:59 pm
    I heared i car pull up and my name being cursed several times
    I froze in fear i couldn't move
    He unlocked the door and there he stood
    Looking at me in a way he'd never looked at me before
    He watched as a tear slipped
    And slapped at that as hard as he could
    I tried to run back as i do every evening
    But he got to that so he pulled me back
    And threw me to the ground i crawled a little bit
    But he stopped me and sweared in my face
    As loud as he could
    I yelled out "IM SORRY,IM SORRY DAD"
    His reaction was mean
    H yelled again but realized it wouldn't help
    I closed my eyes and opened them slowly
    His face was weired

    My name is Lucy
    I am 5
    Tonight my wish came true
    And i headed for the happy place in the sky