• Love is all good
    In one emotion,
    Love is a like a bomb
    And can cause an explosion.

    Love is as gentle as a flower,
    And yet as powerful as storm.
    It is as natural as breathing,
    Yet strays from the norm.

    It can crack the hardest nuts,
    Melt the coldest hearts,
    Set fire on ice,
    Make tragedy into farce.

    It's giving up the one you love,
    Because you know it's for the best,
    It staying by them always,
    Even though you knew what's next.

    It food for those in despair,
    Warmth for hearts of ice,
    A cure for bitter feelings,
    A gift and a sacrifice.

    Love is affection ,
    Hatred's worst enemy,
    But most of all,
    Love is life for me.