• Album name - Another View of Me

    Song Name - You hate you

    Song Tune - Rockstar - Nickleback

    Rating by others - 4/5

    (this is the red)
    Guess I had better get started with this arduous task.............

    You told me to write this song........

    So I don't want any complaints. .. I won't change the lyrics or the tune.

    And I don't give a hoot if you like it or.

    Cause you see......your just to full of yourself.

    You better not leave because the best part is coming up.

    (This is the green)
    You- hate you- I don't know why but it is true.

    Guess you don't know the truth- That your just too dot dot cool.

    Other people hate someone else, but you hate your own GOSH DARN SELF!!!!

    You-- hate you--, I don't know why.

    You hate you

    You hate you.

    You hate you for what you might do......

    Hate yourself more then you hate your cheating girlfriend.

    Who knows why the heck you feel so lame.

    There must not be one who feels the same as you.

    Read in red )

    Read in Green)

    Get yourself a doctor---

    Get yourself a medic----

    Get your self a life---

    And don't ask me to write another song for your miserable life

    Red slow)

    Green slow)

    Green fast)