• Bitter suprises
    Burst inside me
    Like blooming flowers
    On cold dark days

    Its suprising
    How things
    Sneak up
    ....and hit ya

    Bitter blossoms look tasteless
    As if to say
    I have what you cant get
    Bitter blossoms mock me
    Like coherent sounds

    But like Flawless Blossoms
    They Crack And Crumble
    Neither Elegant Nor Distructive
    Neither Beautiful Nor Full Of Ugly
    Neither Stained Nor Clean

    Bitter blossoms
    Choke us like
    Crying in the rain

    Bitter blossoms
    Take and give

    Take what we want
    Never give what we do

    But like Flawless Blossoms
    They are beautiful

    They trick us into beliveing
    Trick us into giving

    Even Our

    Thats what
    You call......

    Flawless Blooms

    By: Vivia (Vilessie)