• One beat of a drum it pounds loud as my heart beat along
    When the drun beat stop
    I become silent..
    I take a breath and open my eyes to hope that one beat would come back..
    Im losing my breath. the beat of the drum does not come back.
    I gasp for air but i cant..
    I pick up my drum stick and start to tap maydrums.
    I gasp the air and start to beat with the sound of my drums.

    One beat of a drum makes my soul proud to be alive.
    Proud that music brings me to my feet and i look up to the crowd i see faces of People i have never seen..
    Where am i?
    Is this a dream?

    I open my eyes and i look around all i see is the nurse in my face..
    Oh she made it.

    Was the beat of the drum my heart tryng to live again...?
    Amazing.. im alive after that crash..
    Just because the love for my drums make mi live and breath again...