• If I had to, I'd change for you.
    I'd show you that I loved you too.
    I'd give you my heart and more.
    You're still my everything, of that I'm sure.

    You can't tell me I was the one that didn't feel,
    you were the only thing that ever felt real.
    You were the one that didn't give it your all,
    you're the one that watched me fall.

    I was the one that stood back and looked,
    at every little step you took.
    I watched the distance grow,
    and now we've got nothing to show.

    "You haven't changed, it was me."
    "Why couldn't I see?"
    "You could've, you just never looked."
    "I swear, I would have analyzed every step you took."

    "Maybe that was your problem. I was never good enough for you."
    "You were the best thing that ever happened to me, why didn't you leave any clues?"
    "Don't cry. I can't bear to see you hurt. I just don't feel the way I did, it's not the same."
    That was only the beginning, of this sick game.