• Shake me violently, throw me against the wall
    Do I really deserve this? Watch me as I fall!
    Blood and tears, both mine and yours
    Why do you do this? Hurt me then yourself
    If you can't stand the guilt then don't commit the crime!
    Buried in your mind with the fiith and the grime!
    Pain! Is what you've caused me!
    Sorrow! Is what you bring!
    Pain! Is all I've ever felt!
    Sorrow! Is all I've ever known!
    Death. Is what I wish for
    What I pray for to the god I don't believe in
    During the long, painful, tear-filled nights
    While I wait for you to come and deliver the next dose of pain
    I lay sprawled on the floor in a pool of my own blood
    That grows in size as more runs down the walls
    Adding to the already large puddle
    My bones, nearly all broken
    Wish i could tell someone, but those words will always be unspoken
    For tyhe fear in my heart is the greatest pain you've ever caused me
    But it will end tonight, it will end tonight!
    I'm taking back the control that you stold!
    As you approch me again
    Arms out streched
    Grinning oh so evily
    You're in for a surprise tonight!
    For tonights the night I finally put up a fight!
    Closer, closer, Just a little closer!
    Finally I plung the dagger deep into your skin
    Not a fatal wound, but oh the blood!
    Finally it's my turn to watch you suffer!
    Again the sound of metal plunging into flesh
    You scream, I smirk
    And then spit up blood
    "No longer will i be your little toy!"
    I fall to my knees, losing more and more blood each second
    Clutching the dagger so hard the blade cuts deep into my skin
    I plung the knife in to your stomach, then yell
    "See you in hell!"
    Before bringing the blade to my throat
    And slicing right across my juggler
    I smirk again as you shreik
    I've finally found peace...
    In your agony