• It is red like the blood through which it flows
    Sounding louder than the steady tick of a heart beating in a nervous brain
    driving that very same head insane.
    It conspires hatefully with our nostrils
    Sickening us, and pulling us into its depths of anger and confusion.

    It inspires like the purple of royalty, deceiving with a beautiful facade
    keeping us tossing and turning, reminiscent of sirens in the night,
    taking us back in time.
    Warming our blood like the scent of a breath-taking perfume,
    sending our minds into spirals of confusion.

    Some say it is the color of every soul it touches, burning with it's flame,
    tormenting that very soul with a hollow, haunting song,
    that same song invoking your soul to scream out of your chest.
    Taunting with a familiar scent that just cannot be placed,
    making even the strongest men weak with frustration.

    Love is the driving passion of life,
    and the very force of pain.