• when im alone i dream on the horizon and words fail:
    yes i know there is no light in the room that is absent,if you are not with me.
    at the windows show everyone my heart which you set alight;enclose within me the light you encountered on the srteet.

    i will go with you to countries i never saw and shared with you,now,yes,i shall experience them.i will go with you on ships across seas which, i know now,exist no longer; with you i shall experience them.

    i will go for love, and yet i have never spent everything,reason,and my pride, up to the tears.i have no pretex only an obsession to go wherever you will go and it is strong and mine , watch as inside my soul i feel teared away.And i tell you now,sincere with myself,how much it kills me to see you drift away .

    i will go on every road, every step you take, your closed anxiety and emptiness, stones you will dismiss,without ever thinking that, like a rose in the winter i will stay in this frozen position which takes my body and lets nature move it.

    Yet wherever you go .... i will go.