• I can’t
    I just can’t anymore

    I’ve tried my best in this world
    But maybe my best wasn’t good enough…
    Am I good enough?

    I’m hiding in this shadow of protection
    Too bad the protection was never here
    Leaving me in a shadow of lies and deceit

    I can’t take it anymore
    I’m alone
    And I’m sure no one would miss me

    I’m sure no one would stop me
    As I look down to the many cars and people walking by
    I can’t help but think “They wouldn’t miss me”

    I gaze down again. The people look like ants. I laugh for the last time
    Tears stream down my face

    Maybe, just maybe I’m doing the right thing.
    The world has no need for a useless human
    And that’s exactly what I am.

    I closed my eyes as I got ready to jump.
    No one would miss me
    No one would care

    The last thing I felt was the heavenly breeze
    I felt like I was flying
    Above everything
    Away from everyone

    Until the darkness took over…

    I felt no remorse for my actions
    After all…the world deserved a better human