• i have lost all hope
    lost all faith
    lost all sense of who i am.
    all i need is an answer
    for why i'm still here.
    it just doesn't make sense,
    my existence in this world.
    my death would be meaningless
    there won't be a tear.
    my life is so full
    of tears and pain
    i can't take it anymore
    i must go away.
    i've controlled this emotion
    for several years
    now the pain is too much
    for me to bear.
    i don't think i belong
    in this world at all
    the call to death
    even stronger then ever.
    this state of depression
    is an overwhelming force
    just beyond the edge
    i can hear the shouts.
    one foot stays firmly
    on the ground
    the other one hovering
    above the edge.
    i need a reason
    to keep on living,
    to draw me away
    from the edge of the cliff.
    i'm begging now please
    save me from temptation
    draw me away from this cliff
    and keep me safe forever.