• Once upon a time
    In a town called Wecantrhyme
    There lived a little bug named Bugly
    Who was really seriously ugly

    He had no friends, only foes
    And just to add to his woes
    Even younger bugs would attack
    And call him names behind his back

    Bugly was lonely for most of his days
    But he was sure that it was just a phase
    Soon Bugly turned six minutes old
    And his fate was about to unfold

    In his mind he had a plan
    And he yelled “Be right back!” with a wave of his hand
    His mom called out “But your birthday cake is cooking!”
    He answered “I’ll be back when I’m better looking!”

    And with that, he hopped out the door
    Hoping his ugly would be no more
    Strutting down the street, Bugly encountered some haters
    They whispered “You’ll be the cheese and we’ll be the grater!”

    But Bugly replied, “Say no more my Bugly hating friends,
    You best be running home because this is where it ends!”
    The thugs went into shock and were completely stunned
    So they made a smart choice and decided to run

    Within a minute, Bugly arrived at the beauty shop
    And he walked in because this was his stop
    He bought everything in sight with his birthday money
    And the cashier kindly asked “Would you like a bag with that honey?”

    Five minutes later he arrive at his house
    With only minor cursing from his neighbors that he would soon douse
    Bugly wanted his mom to be amazed
    At the almost beautiful son that she had raised

    He said “Hey mom, I’m back” and he dashed to the bathroom
    Only to get closer to his untimely doom
    Bugly tried on the makeup that he had bought
    And he used the lipstick that he endlessly sought
    Soon all the beauty stuff he bared had vanished
    Bugly had received his birthday wish
    He rushed to the kitchen with his new look
    He could smell the cake that his mom had cooked

    Suddenly his mom screamed in sheer terror
    “Bugly, what the heck did you do to your hair?”
    He looked up at his mom in his delight
    And gave his mom a second fright

    “Is that makeup?” his mom curiously said
    And she almost dropped the cake onto Bugly’s head
    Bugly smiled really big and nodded up and down
    To everyone but himself, he looked like a clown

    Bugly’s mom shouted one last time
    “Wearing lipstick like that must be a crime!
    With that his mom became petrified in horror
    At how his new look was worse than an eye sore

    After that, his mom did not make a single sound
    But down fell the cake to the ground
    Bugly just happened to be centered under the plate
    And this bought poor Bugly to his fate.