• Yeah, we're all gonna do so much
    And we're all gonna go so far
    We're all gonna make it big
    We're all gonna be a star
    You're gonna be a doctor
    I'm gonna go to Harvard
    We'll be "us" forever
    Waltzing down Hollywood Boulevard
    She's gonna be a famous actress
    He's gonna start a band
    They're gonna go to law school
    But not everything goes as planned
    Next year we'll find her dangling
    With a rope around her neck
    'Cause she never could get thin enough
    And her family was a wreck
    Three years later we see him again
    Doin' nothin' but gettin' high
    Life just wasn't good enough
    So he lets it pass him by
    They're all sittin' in Juvi
    'Cause they fell in with the wrong crowd
    And graduation's out of the picture
    Now they'll never make Mother proud
    No one remembers us
    'Cause "us" never really existed
    Love is such a joke
    A road long and twisted
    Sure, we're gonna do so much
    Yeah, we're all gonna work to astound
    But the only place we're gonna go
    Is six feet under the ground