• His eyes are a cliché
    I swear I could drown in them
    But I swim back to shore
    When he smirks at my staring
    Only now do I feel
    His strong arm around my waist
    And a warm, sturdy hand
    Cupping my sighing murmurs
    Looking up, expectant
    Apples and pomegranates
    Wrap around my senses
    To quicken my heart’s beating
    Tip-toe as he leans in
    Our eyes
    Flutter shut just so
    Until all we could breathe
    Are each other’s essences
    Feeling nothing but us
    Tasting words we need not speak
    And more importantly
    Letting savage need control
    He pins me to the wall
    And breaks the light-headed trance
    To leave his marks on me
    Small bloody bruises come up
    Right before hands fumble
    To trigger ragged exhales
    Lips on the never touched
    Tingling skin wants even more
    A small cry and a gasp
    Sums up all there is right now
    He and I intertwined
    Never wanting to let go
    Drink all we can tonight
    Careful not to overdose
    On steaming ecstasy
    Of skin-on-skin, touch-by-touch
    With a reluctant word
    Pull away sticky and sweet
    Sharing a secret smile
    Sealed with one more gentle kiss