• Dear Santa, Dear Santa,
    I've been really good,
    I wouldn't mistake you,
    for young Robin Hood,
    Even though you are chubby,
    and have a long beard,
    you give kids their presents,
    and you aren't feared.
    That reminds me of why this letter is wrote,
    to tell you the things I want like a boat.
    Did I mention a robot and wooden toy car,
    a small little sandbox, a plane that flies far.
    A doll for my sister,
    a game for my bro,
    a small little snowglobe,
    that comes with real snow.
    Some shoes for my mom,
    and some tools for my dad.
    If you give me all that
    I'll be really glad.
    Oh wait I remembered December just passed,
    I have to want a full year,
    I hope it comes fast.