• What would I give?
    What would I sacrifice?

    To have you-
    with me,
    To hold you-
    right next to my chest.

    Telling you how much I love you,
    Telling you how much I care for you,
    Telling you how much you mean to me,
    Telling you how much goodness you give me,
    Telling you how nice you are,
    Telling you how beautiful you are.

    Beautiful from the inside,
    Beautiful from the outside,
    You are perfect before my eyes,
    You are the best of the best,
    You are my sunshine,
    You are my goddess
    You are my hope,
    My strength,
    My weakness,
    My addiction,
    My cure,
    My life.

    You are my love,
    Filling my poor heart with happiness and joy,
    Filling my hurting soul with meaning and life,
    Giving me a reason to live,
    Giving me a reason to keep on going,
    Giving me a meaning to my existence.

    What would I ever do without you?
    Without you- I would be nothing,
    Just an empty shell,
    A meaningless life that lost its path,
    A lost soul sinking in the darkness,
    Eating me up,
    Pulling me down with no chance to escape.

    Only you can save me,
    Only you know me better than anyone else,
    Only you can truly understand me,
    Only you can see the real me,
    Only you can feel my pain,
    Only you can feel my hunger for your love.

    My hunger for your love-
    Drives me crazy,
    Turning me-
    Into a wild beast
    Begging for food to feed his hungry soul.

    Tears will fall from my eyes-
    Knowing that you are not next to me-
    with me.

    You are the Beauty,
    And I am the Beast,
    I will do anything to protect you,
    To keep you away from harm,
    To keep you warm,
    To keep you safe,
    I will do anything for you,
    I will become your servant,
    Your slave,
    You are my Queen,
    My Goddess,
    Your wishes are my commands,
    You are everything to me,
    Taking you away is like taking my life away.

    What would I give?
    What would I sacrifice?

    For you,
    For our love,
    I love you-
    With all my heart and fiber in my body,
    And will always love you,
    Forever and Ever.