• Memories

    Its funny in a way
    People don't notice
    Or is it they just don't care.

    They don't ask why
    Nor whats wrong
    They don't worry till its too late.

    The road's end comes closer and closer
    It seems like forever as I travel down it
    And only when I have one more step to take
    Do they speak out in worry tones.

    Now people wonder, and they ask whats wrong? Only now it's too late, I've convinced myself not to say anything, not even a word, no one needs to be bothered by it. It shouldn't be bothering me, but it does. So I'll bury it away and take that last step, falling. I can look back up and only now see the hands outstretch. Only now its too late and I can't back track. I can't rewind and neither can they. They can't rewind and see what was in front of them. The lonely tones of voice, the desperate cries of help, and the fake smile that seemed so real. They can't rewind to see them, they only have the