• You go to sleep having peaceful dreams
    you think your safe in your bed in your room
    but in realty you are not

    there is darkness surrounding you
    there is darkness watching you
    when you sleep the darkness gets closer

    while you sleep the darkness enters your heart
    and the darkness enters your soul
    the darkness has engulfed you and you dont know it

    you awake wishing you were asleep
    you see the sun when you walk out and it hurts
    you wonder why it hurts when you've seen it so many times

    it hurts because of the darkness inside of you
    the light from the sun
    is trying to destroy that darkness

    at times it wins
    other times it loses
    there will always be darkness inside of you

    darkness cannot fade
    darkness will never leave
    the world will be cover in darkness

    the world will be destroy by darkness