• I feel so warm
    But cold to the touch
    I'm happy
    I'm sad
    I'm worried to be around you
    I feel butterflies in my stomach
    I feel like I'm going to puke
    This feeling will never go away
    I love the way you hold me in your arms
    Your there when I need You
    I love the way you smile
    I love the way you call my name
    I love everything about you
    Because the truth is...
    I'm in love with you
    I want to be the one to hold you
    The same way you'd hold me
    When you cry I'll be there
    I'll never hurt you in anyway
    I love you
    I say it proud
    Being Around you,
    is like being on a cloud
    I can't hide the way i feel
    So others will just have to deal
    You break my heart
    And you don't even know it
    You wonder why I get so mad
    When you date another man
    My heart calls out
    I long for you
    Because I know my love is true