• Traces of cigarettes lie on your lips, cracked and dry,
    the strands of your hair hang so thin, like pine needles,
    after the first frost,
    you are barely here, you know time is just a
    shadow hanging over you like night over the sun,
    when clouds cover the stars, you see no light, no hope held for you

    but your addiction is too strong, too strong for you to take,
    pulling you down into oblivion, like gravity it takes

    you've given up the fight,
    your bones so frail, organs fail, I can already feel your hands
    pressed to the cover or your coffin below my feet, like tree branches
    pushed against my window on a windy night, the air is so thick and stale,
    my lungs don't feel like breathing anyways, so that's okay

    you left me...

    yes you left me alone, did you think of me, no.
    I'm not here for them, I was here for you, you left me, you left me
    alone. No purpose