The missing treasure of this sinking vessel
    On the seafloor, where it would nestle
    Against the base for years it'd lay
    Patiently waiting for that special day
    When I would come to claim my prize
    Hoping the chest to my surprise
    Would hold the heart that I've been missing
    The talks, the laughs, the hugs, the kissing
    That day has come and now I'll find
    What lies ahead, no longer behind
    I've searched through darkness, to the deepest sea
    And found that chest staring back at me
    What lies inside, I do not know
    Unlock the latch and open slow
    I peek within, with nerves I'm shaking
    The prize inside could stop the aching
    Cause within the chest that I've searched for
    I found the heart and even more
    The talks, the laughs, they all were there
    The hugs, the kisses, for me to share
    The most beautiful treasure I've finally seized
    Did not imagine I could be so pleased
    I searched so long through the deep sea blue
    I love you baby, my prize is you