• Detached

    I looked into the water
    And expected to find
    A reflection,
    A realization,
    Or whatever people looked for.

    Instead I stared out onto the thin surface,
    Where the shelled spirits skidded.
    Yet jovial.

    They not stared up towards me even for a moment,
    They merely splashed around
    In light little circles
    And dove into the depths,
    Only to return with a wriggling fish in mouth.

    Though forlorn, I lingered anyway.
    At least…
    At least until the
    Of their devil was heard,
    And I was forced to melt away…

    I used to think I was connected to them,
    But I walked like man,
    Talked like man,
    Looked like man.
    The truth was:
    I was a human,
    Which they,
    And I,
    Were not so proud of.