• trust
    in my world
    is hard
    i was steped on young
    i never really got over it
    i learnd that
    friends werent easy to pick
    the ones you pick are part of
    your pack
    so when you pick they better
    have your back
    it hurts to be stabbed
    in the back even more then
    when the stiches break
    i can only be stiched up so much
    so i learnd to pick
    and be afraid
    i dont seem scared
    to the world around me
    im tough
    is what they think
    but im not that tough
    i do break
    i just dont break as easly
    ive learnd to pick and choose
    who is worth the stiches
    and who will leave a minor scratch
    the friend i have now have
    never stabed my
    they have seen my scars
    they know
    my fears
    they know my flaw
    the flaw not alot have
    the flaw of not being able to trust
    ontil proven worthy