• You
    You brought happiness into my lonely heart
    You brought emotions alive again
    You were not prepared what we were to start
    You were not ready for what was to begin

    You saw my pain and my sorrow
    You made me look forward to another tomorrow
    You made me laugh and you made me cry
    But most of all you made me feel alive
    When I close my eyes
    To sleep at night
    It's you I see
    Holding me tight.

    Your arms so strong
    You make me feel safe
    The only thing wrong
    Someone else has your place.
    I know it is wrong
    To be dreaming of you
    But my heart just can't stop
    These feelings so true.
    The timing was wrong
    I met you too late
    A promise was made T
    o determine my fate.

    Why weren't you there
    When I had the chance
    I will always regret
    Not getting this dance.

    And so for now
    I will settle for two
    But in my heart
    It will always be you.