• We are best friends.
    We've been like this
    Since the beginning.

    Ever since we meet.
    We get along just great.
    I like it how your always there.

    To comfort me when I'm down.
    To hug me when I need it.
    To give me advice.

    We are best friends.
    I like it when you hold my hand
    Though all these years.

    But you want to be more
    Than just best friends.
    How do we change so suddenly?

    How do we come from
    Children in diapers,
    To something more?

    To the people we are now?
    Becoming what others think
    Of us?

    I know you care about me.
    I know you love me too.
    Because I feel the same way.

    I just don't know how to say it.
    I've been heart broken so many times.
    I'm scared to change.

    But I love you.
    And you love me too.
    How do we change so suddenly?