• Should get some new notebooks
    And probably a new heart to match.
    Should forget all those tender looks,
    And rip apart all those notes from math.

    I ended it,
    Now I should forget it.
    Too bad that's too difficult.
    Now that it's over, I can't really pick out any faults.

    Might find something to occupy my time.
    While I heal from my own cuts.
    Cept that my mind keeps converting to anything but sublime.
    Too bad I can't force it to shut

    Out any old memories,
    Cuz they keep flooding in
    And they're drowning me.
    Should rip up this paper and gouge my eyes out with this pen.

    Too bad I'm afraid
    Of how it'll effect those who surround me.
    Although my presence is yet but to fade -
    My invisability.

    Bled me dry with his love,
    So I surrendered.
    Nothing more I could give to be of
    Assistance, so I rekindered.

    My hate for his lack
    Of everything there ever was.
    My hate for his knack
    Of making me laugh just because.

    And I still love him
    But it's over.
    Time will tell, or so they say, maby I'll recover.
    From this awful ******** that I've made.