• Lust, is the confusion and intrusion that enters any mind and speaks with a low seductive voice trailing fingers down the spine grasping fists full of hair till you fall into the trap with haste with out a trace or taste of what real love is.

    Love, is misguided and changed into lies to be disguised.
    It was once sacred but now it is like a contest to see who can get the best and to feel the most without a trace of what real love is

    Hate,is a translation a language of cold blooded people who try to hard to face the madness of social insanity with cruelty and mockery by being self centererd and not caring that lives are temporary. masking the mind's fear with anger trying to feel the rage without a trace of what real hate is.

    Misery, is what really lies behind everyones eyes when they machanically smile and work up a sweat trying not to cry and show their weaknesses. it screams in the night and grasps at the inside of the mind for air hiding the flaws so predators wont find them. Leaving them in hiding their face trying to be malicious and vicious and spiteful in the place without a trace of what real hate is.

    Is it really my place to say that my face knows what's going on in this "human race"? Its not mine so is it yours?

    Emotions, are all illusions used as a front to hide the true understanding and meaning of humanity. Thrown about in therapy, used like spiders for trickery "your sick and take your pills and you'll be free." thats what they say to you and me. We are confused, misguided, cold blooded people who feel as they are told without a trace of real Emotion.

    Without a trace or a sense of being.