• Spinning in circles,
    Round and round,
    Until we're too dizzy and fall to the ground.
    We laugh together,
    Such a beautiful sound.
    I take your hand,
    So soft in mine.
    We embrace and make promises we will never keep.
    But what does the future matter?
    What comes will come,
    So let us be young and oblivious to the darkness!
    We get up again,
    And continue to spin in circles.
    You and I are in such euphoria,
    Nothing can touch us in this world we have created together,
    Made with what we do not yet know as love at such a tender age.
    A passion we will always feel,
    Even when we are a million miles away.
    So in the circles we make,
    Something will bloom,
    Something so pure and true,
    Three simple words that caress your gentle lips:
    "I love you."