• So as I fall in the deep dark abyss,
    I hope you miss,
    My sweet little kiss,
    I've fallen for you baby, so damn hard,
    We've gotten so damn far,
    With our little memories and moments,
    I want to hold it and own it,
    Treasure it and flow it,
    I'll keep them forever,
    Through the thick and thin,
    Cause one day maybe we'll be together,
    Through the mistakes and sins,
    My back is up against the wall,
    I have no choice but just to fall,
    I wanted this to be different,
    But it couldn't be,
    It was never only you and me,
    So can't you see?
    We're not ment to hold each other,
    Let me go, no more kisses and hugs,
    More of the alcohol and drugs,
    Can't you see your torturing me?
    Can't you stand up and open your eyes,
    That the harder you try,
    The more I suffer and cry,
    But I won't lie,
    You were that special girl,
    That ment the world,
    That I wanted love to unfurl,
    The endless nights on the phone,
    I'll miss so damn much,
    But now I'm going home,
    So let me go of your tight clutch,
    I'm falling out of your arms,
    Out of your harm,
    I loved waking up to your sweet voice,
    But now there is no longer anything to rejoice,
    So now I'll just hope and smoke,
    And go on reading what you wrote,
    But I'll never lose my composure,
    Because I'm supposed to be strong and tough,
    I'm supposed to be the soldier,
    I never ment for us to be killed,
    Cause why would I kill something that I help build,
    Now everything is getting so escalated,
    But all I want is for everything to be so faded,
    I guess it's fate,
    And we were too late,
    To try and change it,
    So we couldn't make it,
    So I'm sorry for all I've done,
    All that's going to happen,
    But now I gotta run,
    So now you go off and have your damn fun...