• It stalks the night
    It stalks the day
    It seeks out life
    And whisks it away
    It's known as death
    And other things too
    But it's all the same
    What matters is you.
    How do you see it?
    What does it mean?
    It's best if you know
    For death is unseen.
    It can take you at day
    It can take you at night
    Knowing death well
    Can lend you some light
    The passage to death
    Is always unclear
    And it's best to know
    That you're very near.
    For death is at hand
    It is for us all
    Know it's face well
    So you don't stumble and fall
    Now think hard on death
    And know that it's near
    And the meaning of life
    Will be all to clear
    And that is to live
    For your hearts desire
    Not to stumble or fall
    But to burn with a fire.
    A fire for life
    To live for each day
    To reach for your dreams
    No matter what people say
    Life is a question
    And death holds a clue
    Reach not for the answer
    For your life's not due
    Live for the moment
    And die for it too
    For it's the moment that counts
    It, and you
    Now I'm all done
    I've said what I'll say
    Just remember one thing
    Live for the day!