• Happiness
    I try to be nice,
    I try to be kind,
    but lately there's only one thing,
    That I have come to find.

    I pretend to be happy,
    It's how I want others to feel.
    But how can I put there,
    a feeling that is not real?

    Happiness is merely a mask,
    a face to replace the pain,
    Nothing more than a bandage,
    to keep us from going insane.

    They say the holidays are a time for family,
    a time for joy and for cheer...
    But how can I be happy,
    When my family is not here?

    I've got parents, relatives and friends,
    Followers whom I will love, until the very end,
    but I'm still missing someone, who is the most important in my life...
    I'm missing the girl, who I shall call my wife.

    So why should I stay happy?
    Why should I act like something I'm not?
    Why do I feel so crappy?
    What is my purpose? What is the plot?