• I will sharpen all my weapons all my ninja blades
    So that my finger bleeds from just one soft touch
    All the pain goes and all my senses just slowly fade
    As this anger pulsates through my very Uchiha blood.

    The reason is clear in my eye I am a clan avenger
    For you have killed them, our mother and father
    This rage so malicious making me want revenge more
    You will die soon until then I won't rest forever.

    Soon I will have revealed your secretive location
    Come on out you know you really do want to fight
    All this madness controlling all of my sensations
    As I scavenge through my ideas through the night.

    Searching far and wide through many ninja lands
    Just one thought consuming all of my thoughts
    To kill you by my own two anger controlled hands
    The end, your death, we will had constantly fought.

    Watch out for this curse gives me demonic powers
    Every second, minutes you are still yet living
    Slicing your merciless soul in these rapid hours
    To the demons themselves is your life worth giving.

    My life’s is only one to live yet many goals to do
    One if them making others look so miniscule to it
    The one that just wants me to only kill one you
    In this clan you exterminated you don't seem to fit.

    Now as the moons rise and set in the distant sight
    I am running rapidly through the forest of time
    Your wrong is atrocious but I will make it right
    Get rid of this ambition and punish your crime.