• Good Sir Marx,
    He wished to hark,
    An age of prosperity.
    But do to some lark,
    Made philosophy!

    Now you see young one,
    much before was done,
    by a man named Hegél.
    Who really is not fun,
    as his works seem extralegal!

    Basically he states,
    That progress never sates,
    as long as dialectics
    compromise as he fates,
    things will be eclectic!

    Now Marx we return to,
    who theory's will know review.
    Foremost in his thoughts was labor,
    to which his theory's accrue,
    Cutting philosphy like a saber!

    Hegel's works were applied,
    to economics at wide,
    five simple steps he formed,
    of man's economic stride,
    to help the uninformed.

    Primitive man,
    a system without the man,
    of primitive communism,
    without a plan,
    why it was absurdism!

    A different mode of production,
    necessitates the introduction,
    of slavery,
    to justice an obstruction,
    rather unsavoury.

    An image of medieval times,
    of church bell and chimes,
    of feudalism!
    Brimming with crimes,
    of selfism!

    Alienation, and private riches,
    are held from the poor's britches,
    where the trademarks of capitalism!
    Wealth held by fat cat snitches,
    leads many to fatalism!

    And the perfect life,
    free of excess rife and strife,
    True Communism!
    To which we play our drum and fife,
    without is simply archaism!

    Good Marx and his ideas,
    started the rusted gears,
    of a world of new thought!
    But nevertheless in all careers,
    he was certainly most distraught!

    And in his final days,
    as he wiled aways,
    with only a few cents,
    he received no praise,
    until after he had gone whence!