• Little Miss Perfect Life
    Never lived without strife
    Her peace always at war
    Battling truths against folk lore
    All these lies rushing through
    Things that won't stick to you
    Always dreaming of flying
    Not these feelings of dieing
    Blending into the crowd
    No chance to be loud
    Raise her voice
    She's always had this choice
    She exists but does not live
    Maybe she'll forgive
    Never starting a fight
    Nor her fists nor her lips
    These could be helpful tips
    You're not alone
    I know that
    Your crys don't go unheard
    I know that
    You're always thought of
    I know that
    You're always loved
    I know that
    They really do rely on you
    I know that
    If you never came, they'd worry
    I know that
    They'd worry until they knew
    I know that
    They'd even chase after you
    I know it has got to be like that
    But this sadness doesn't go away because I know
    Sadness comes in even worse then
    Because I know
    Is her smile easy to read
    Take a closer look, it's deeper than it leads
    She's in pain
    Surrounded by a hidden rain
    Wishing she could end this
    Die to an enternal bliss