• Plea to Love
    by JGD

    Oh love why do you hold me still
    I am one with no heart or soul
    let me turn from you
    oh hateful thing
    I plead, with you
    to let me go

    Do not change what I am
    For I wish to stay the same
    Let me return to the darkness
    And be pure lights true bane

    Win me not with a smile
    Or words so sweet and tender
    Let my hate grow and fester
    Do not let me soften or surrender

    Yet that smile lingers on
    My prayer goes unheard
    I am won over with a soft smile
    My ears ring with tender words

    Love you are a master cruel
    Hiding in your tender ways
    Making my lovely darkness run
    Like the night before the day

    I cling to my mask
    Hoping to seem as I had been
    Praying that my enemies
    Will never know

    That love has somehow awoken
    And is now lingering within