• step out the door and off the porch,
    off the walkway and into the darkness,
    follow your heart, there is no trail in this place.
    tread on and on till finally you find it -
    the edge -
    the ledge -
    the end.
    don't linger for hesitation will follow.
    step out, meet your destiny, your fate.
    the rush will follow as your stomach is left on the ledge and your body plummets into the abyss.
    think of all the things you never did, you did wrong, you should've done, you shouldn't have done, you should've done better -
    let the wind burn like fire as it whips around your body.
    feel all the regret this world can offer to the outcast, the outsider, the damned.
    take all that anger and let it fester till it becomes hate -
    blame the world for your fate.
    let go of the hate, don't let it consume you.
    think of all the good you ever knew.
    all the smiles, the laughs, the joy, the good times.
    let them grace your thoughts in immeasurable bliss.
    feel that your last moments were worth the while and your life was not a waste.
    gasp and awake in your bed, find your mind, and say,
    'stepping out and falling could make a person think...'