• I open my eyes to him caressing my cheek
    He smiles down at me
    and kisses my lips
    I breath in his wonderful scent and sigh
    We stare into each other eyes
    and he pulls me into his arms
    We sit there exchanging hearts
    and promises to stay an Eternity
    in each others arms
    Suddenly you wake up with a jolt
    the monitor beeping again
    in the white room
    The Doctor pulls away the D-fib. and tells you
    "He didn't make it,
    nor did the drunk driver that crashed into you guys.
    Your the only survivor."
    He leaves and tears swell up in your eyes
    "He's gone" you whisper over silent tears
    You close your eyes to try to stop the pain
    and feel a hand whip away a tear
    and his whisper saying "An eternity, remember."