• As the sun rises to a new dawn
    The moon starts to fade away
    It's light and prosperity leaves
    Venturing to a new home
    Sighing they switch
    The places they swap,
    Are never their choice
    But their gardians

    Father Time
    Mother Earth
    Life around us
    Given by those two
    But who helps enforcing

    Time's Key
    It runs and jumps
    Even greets Death
    But does anybody know?
    Not a chance
    Only Sun and Moon provide
    To the once respected figure

    The key to life is through Time
    The key to time is through Love
    The key to love is Patience
    The key to patience is Understanding
    The key to understanding is Enlightenment
    The key to enlightenment is Sorrow
    The key to sorrow is life

    Life is in a circle
    Nobody can stop it
    But anybody can change it