• We became friends fast
    but I knew it wasn't going to last
    you chose her over me
    I was in pain didn't you see

    What used to be
    means nothing to me
    It's plain to see
    we weren't meant to be

    You stole my diary
    That was my privacy
    Then you told me that lie
    I want you to die

    What used to be
    Means nothing to me
    You were my friend
    and you brought it to an end

    Those lies you told
    they got old
    real quick real fast
    telling me you were my friend was your last

    When did you actually care
    I ask and all you give me is a blank stare
    you say you dont know
    I say you've fallen to a new low

    What used to be
    Means nothing to me
    you pulled me to you level
    You b***h you devil