• The air surrounding me grew so very lonely as they set your lifeless body down into the ground.

    "Farewell, my love." I whispered softly and laid a rose down upon your newly dug grave.

    It was a rose that had become an angelic pure white yet trickled with my blood and held the dew of my just shed tears.

    I walked slowly away from my true love's grave while praying thoughtfully that it was just a mistake.

    Just another bad dream, perhaps.

    I thought hard to myself that you weren't really gone.

    And you weren't.

    For just the night before you had taken my hand and kissed it gently. With that simple kiss you forged a sacred promise with me.

    "If you do not forget me then forever I shall be with you." Are the exact last words I heard from you.

    After those final words you slipped a diamond ring unto my fourth finger and embraced me silently.

    "I shall keep my promise to you, my love..." I whispered softly in reply.

    "Until the day when I truly fade away, I do." You released me and smiled, with meaning for the very last time.

    Now, as the last of my tears slide down my pale face, I smile, the exact way you always wished me too.

    I still wear that smile to this very day and cast my hand out to those in need.

    The very same loving and painful smile you smiled to me. And I visit you everyday and sing to you like I always did.

    I even tell you how my days have gone by so silently without your warm body to hold me close.

    That's how much I love and miss you.

    Know this, my love, you are and never will be forgotten.

    -iShattered a.k.a Lawrence