• The feeling has past,
    thoughts of her gone.
    In my heart I see a twinkle,
    this girl was there from the start.

    You don't realize how much you mean,
    though it's ok, you probably never will.
    You give me a feeling,
    something tranquil.

    I long to see you,
    to place my right hand on your face.
    To hold you in my arms,
    and present you with a beautiful embrace.

    I love you like the plants love the sun.
    You're there when I need you,
    prove that you're not the one.

    In my heart of hearts,
    in my eye of eyes,
    I see only your picture,
    when I look to the skies.

    Fear me not,
    for I mean no harm.
    If I hurt you it's an accident,
    a false alarm.

    I know the situation could be better,
    I just hope it to get better.
    Nothing would make me happier,
    than to kiss your face this day.

    I care for you, I know that I really do.
    Now it's time for me to suck it up,
    and to show you.
    I know I get mad...
    I can be insecure and hardly sane.
    I'm working to fix this,
    to remove my Bane.....

    Will you forgive,
    what I've done and said.
    Will you accept my apollogy,
    So that maybe we'll mend.

    You know, I wish to become more,
    I just want to hold your hand.

    You know I love you,
    never lose that thought.
    -Taylor T. McCrea