• I looked to you like the stars that shined in the night sky
    You were my wishing well, where my pennies became love
    You brushed the darkness from my soul
    You filled me with hope, trust, and impossible dreams
    And I thought to myself “Everything is perfect!”
    Or so it seemed..

    There are no longer stars in this dark stormy empty sky
    The deep grave I once called my heart
    You left me here, alone, to drown in my misery
    And even though you have pulverized this fragile heart..
    I wish you peace, happiness and everlasting joy
    Something that I will never possess on my road to hell

    I only blame myself for giving you permission to disable my heart
    Who was I to trust in a love I believed could save my from hatred
    A love I thought could save me from fear
    A love that I gave my trust to provide endless memories that I would forever cherish
    A love that could save me..
    From myself