• A note on a shelf,
    Left sitting alone,
    In a quiet place,
    An abandoned home.
    Back from school,
    She entered the house,
    Tip-toeing in,
    Quiet as a mouse.
    Little did she know,
    She was alone,
    In a quiet place,
    The abandoned home.
    She waited and waited,
    For her parents to come back,
    She picked up the note,
    Taken aback.
    'Eviction Notice.'
    The note read.
    How could this happen?
    Not again.
    They had left her,
    All by herself,
    With just a note,
    Upon a shelf.
    Why hadn't they waited?
    Did they forget,
    Their only daughter,
    Their little regret.
    She wasn't wanted,
    She knew that for sure,
    But how could they ever,
    Do this to her?
    She went to bed,
    Curled up in a ball,
    Then cried to sleep,
    Abandoned, once and for all.