• I love you
    I can't deny that simple fact
    But there has to be something wrong
    I can't stand in your presence without wanting to cry
    I can't hear your voice without thinking of my funeral
    We always fight
    And I don't want to do it anymore
    You've broken my heart so many times
    So why do you always come back?
    You'll take the pieces and sew them back together
    And then rip them back into shreds
    I love you
    I always have and I always will
    There's no denying that
    But I can't help but wonder
    If you mean the words you say
    You were so sweet, and so kind
    But now I can't speak my mind
    Without you trying to find something wrong with my thoughts.
    This love hurts me more than anything ever has
    So why can't I turn away?
    Why can't I just stop seeing you
    And stop hearing you?
    Why do my thoughts dwell on nothing but you?