• I've always felt like something's missing.
    There's a hole in my heart.
    Once there was no space, now there's something gone
    Gone without a trace.

    Tears are slowly rolling down my face.
    I want her to be beside me.
    I want to know her.
    I've never met her, but yet I miss her with all my heart.

    A sister I've lost.
    I could've had the one true friend I've always dreamed of, but no.
    With my luck, she's gone. Gone forever.

    I will never know what she looks like
    I will never be able to know what its like to share a birthday

    I go through life everyday wishing she were here.

    I'm being taken over by a huge wave of sadness, and I'm drenched in tears.

    I'm so confused, so alone, so sad, so upset, so full of fear.
    No hope. I feel so empty and helpless.

    I get close to people, and they leave me.
    I feel like an animal stuck in a small cage, desperately wanting to be free

    I want her to be with me
    I want her to see what I go through

    Anything just for her to be alive, I would do.
    I would sacrifice everything.

    It's my fault she's not here.
    I'm the one who took her life away.
    I'm so selfish, such a jerk.

    No wonder nobody likes me or stays for long.
    I don't belong.
    She deserves to live more than me.

    I wonder what it would be like to have her living
    Would she look like me a little bit, or would we be total opposites?

    It sucks feeling like something is missing.
    She's my twin. My one and only true sister.
    I miss her. I want her alive. She gave me life, and I'm failing to live it well.

    I can't keep friends
    I can't do anything right
    I just want to be gone
    Everything I say comes out wrong.

    She'd probably make things better.
    She would make life worth living.