• I 'm a girl in a world that is not fit for me
    A world where things go awfully wrong and get the best of me [color=blue
    I'm not in a perfect world

    In this world hapiness and cooperation will cease to exist
    A world that I can't stand to see crumble and fall on my shoulders
    A world that's complicated

    A world where people are made fun of because of their differences
    A world that I can't change
    A world that Irritates me !!!

    A world that I can only describe with one word : middle
    A world I wish you could see
    A world that I don't like

    I think this poem is nice and expresses me in my own way
    You people might think it is boring but this is what I got to say : tough cookies to ya !

    Take the time to open your eyes and read it !!
    You might be touched and like it , or be bored out of your mind !!
    Se ya ! rolleyes rofl