• Loving you was such a damn mistake,
    The love you gave me was all so damn fake,
    I can't describe how much I hate you now,
    But then again, I still love you somehow,
    This time I don't wish you were here,
    Don't wish you were near,
    Just wish you were gone,
    So I can go on strong,
    So I can move on,
    Get a moving,
    And sooner or later,
    I'll find another girl that will sooth me,
    You said you'd give me your dedication,
    You said you'd prove it to me,
    And I put it into consideration,
    But now I can finally see,
    It was just one whole big act,
    How you sweet talked me,
    All along,
    Now I'll never look back,
    I'll just keep singing along to this song,
    Cause "******** what I said,
    It don't mean s**t now,
    ******** the presents might as well throw em out
    ******** all the kisses,
    It's giving me jack,
    ******** you, you hoe,
    I don't want you back..."