• We
    The chosen
    We as humans
    Like to be blind
    To the world around us.

    We intentionally blind
    Ourselves and others
    So we don't have to realize,
    To see or know,
    The bad that surrounds us.

    We live in a bubble
    Where everything
    Is filtered.
    The love
    The hate
    The words
    The colors
    Never so potent.

    Everything dull and flat
    Thats how you see it in your world
    That you made yourself

    But there are those,
    Ever so few,
    Who are born without
    The blinding barrier.

    We see every color
    So brightly.
    We hear every word
    So meaningful.
    We have the hate of the world
    so brilliant.
    And every unacknowledged love
    Every so pure.

    We see the truth
    Through the lies.
    The life
    Through the death.
    The happy
    Through the sad.

    You wouldn't realize
    Who we are
    Until it was to late.