• The door was locked.
    I was alone in my room.
    He wouldn't dare come in here.
    This is my sanctuary.
    I wish Mommy was here.
    She could keep him away from me.
    I want my big brothers.
    They would protect me from him.
    I started crying.
    He won't leave me alone, Mommy.
    "Open up." It was him.
    "Go away! Leave me alone!"
    "Open up this door now!"
    "No!" I was terrified.
    "You little b***h! Open up!"
    "I want my mommy!"
    "She's not coming and you can't
    stay in there all day plus
    you can't call her."
    I had a phone, it was my brother's.
    "If you don't come out in an hour,
    I'm breaking down this door."
    He left and I had an hour.
    I immediantly called the house.
    "Hello?" It was my brother.
    "Can I have Mommy, please big brother?"
    He must of dropped the phone,
    because I herad a crash.
    "Mommy!!!" I started crying.
    "I'm coming baby! Hold on."
    She came in that hour,
    but it was too late.
    Sorry Mommy,
    I couldn't hold on.